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Charter Night

Charter Night (or President's Night as it is called in some districts) is the highlight of any Rotary Club's social calendar and is, in effect, a birthday celebration of another successful year since the club's Charter date (formation). The format varies from club to club, however it is usually a lavish affair with fine food, special guests and yes, a few speeches to honour those who have been particularly generous with their time. Ladies wear their latest evening dress and gentlemen wear black tie.

The clubs in our district – 1180 – tend to favour evenings with a celebrity speaker or visiting choir, whereas other districts usually have a live band and dancing. The character of each club tends to come to the fore with the type of event and balance of fun and formality depending entirely on the club's 'personality'.

Representatives of other clubs within the district are always invited to join the celebrations, and the club president will typically join visiting VIP guests on a top table from where the proceedings can be led.