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The club is structured into committees

Every spring, visitors to Ruthin can't miss the signs of Rotary's presence in the town.

The Club Council

The various committee chairpersons for the year join the president, secretary and treasurer to form what is called the Club Board (or in our case the Club Council), which meets separately once a month to oversee the smooth running of the club. This managerial group is not a dictatorship but a representative group of members who always consider the wishes of the majority of the club's members. Furthermore, any important decisions are always put to the club as a whole for a vote, so the Club Council are much more of a steering committee than a governing body.

For any organisation to function efficiently it has to have an organisational and management structure, and Rotary is no exception. This is as true for Rotary at the local club level as it is at at the international (RI) and national (RIBI) levels. Each club divides its different functions and activities into groups of individuals known as committees, which are appointed a committee chairperson and named members for the duration of each Rotary year (1st July to 30 June each calendar year). Large club committees will often comprise sub-committees, and each club is free to structure their club to best suit their particular location, operations or tradition.

The Rotary Club of Ruthin is structured thus:

bullet point The Community Committee coordinates the club's activities in providing service to the local community. It allocates available charitable resources and assistance available from club members for regular annual events and one-off projects in the local area.

bullet point The International/Foundation Committee coordinates the club's activities in supporting international causes and Rotary projects in developing countries. Funds are raised as required for example for shelter boxes to provide emergency help to disaster areas abroad.

bullet point The Youth Committee focuses on the club's youth activities, which cover Rotary-sponsored competitions such as Young Chef, and mock interviews at Bryn Hyfryd School to help pupils prepare for the 'real thing'.

bullet point The Social Committee looks to provide an environment where Rotarians and their partners can have fun and enjoy one another's company through affordable events and functions that neither make a profit nor a loss.

bullet point The Membership Committee has two main roles: (i) keeping a keen eye on issues of membership recruitment, retention, regeneration and extension; (ii) developing and implementing plans to provide information about Rotary including promoting the club’s service projects and activities.