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The Rotary Club of Ruthin – an overview

The Rotary Club of Ruthin has around fifty members from all walks of life, from accountants, teachers and councillors, to farmers, programmers and barbers. The club meets every Wednesday evening at The Castle Hotel, where members enjoy a drink in the bar before sitting down to supper, followed by the business of the evening, a speaker or some other activity. A friendly atmosphere makes for a lively and relaxed evening among people who enjoy good friendship whilst helping communities at home and abroad.

As well as supporting good causes on an international scale, Ruthin Rotarians do their best to make the town a better place. The signs of Rotary in Ruthin are aplenty.

Rotary is about Service and Fellowship – helping others and making friends while you do it. Rotary is at the forefront of bringing innovative individuals together to exchange ideas, build relationships and make the world a better place. These simple principles are the cornerstones of our club. Whilst our membership is predominately male, we are actively looking to attract more ladies to join our club.

Origins of our club

With its origins rooted in the cultures of the Celts and the Romans, Ruthin is a historical market town which sits in the southern area of the Vale of Clwyd. Ruthin has witnessed its fair share of rebellions amongst the nobility in years gone by; ownership of land and sovereignty often being the first things to expedite the crossing of swords between English Kings and Welsh Princes. Roll forward a few hundred years and battle details of a different kind come to light.

In 1957 two professional gentlemen set themselves the task of bringing Rotary to Ruthin. As experienced Rotarians new to the town, they not only had to persuade the then RIBI (Rotary International in Great Britain & Ireland) Chairman that Ruthin was worthy in that it offered more than the perceived ‘single employer’ status, but they also had to produce the evidence to support their claims.

Around two years later, in January 1959, formal recognition of the Rotary Club of Ruthin was finally achieved with the presentation of its official Charter as part of District 1180. This success was borne out of the sheer determination of a group of like minded people who sought to bring the ethos of Rotary to the town of Ruthin.