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Rotary is changing – drastically!

bullet point Forget the 'old boys' club' image of yesterday – Rotary is for enterprising and innovative individuals of all ages, from all walks of life.

bullet point Forget stuffy rule books and pointless formality – Rotary is embracing the modern world, leveraging technology and reducing bureaucracy.

bullet point Forget the worry of commitment or unwelcome expenses – Rotary is not an organisation for elitists. This organisation is for everyone and represents a worldwide network of inspired men and women who come together whenever and however they can to make a difference in our world for the better.

The face of Rotary might be changing as it meets the modern world head-on, but its aims and ideals remain resolute: to improve the lives of those in need.

New initiatives to make it even easier to join Rotary

RIBI – the Great Britain and Ireland arm of Rotary – is fully committed to making it easier for modern professionals to join a club and help make the world a better place. In recent years it has started many new membership initiatives which have now been adopted for trial on a global scale by Rotary International. These initiatives have been so successful in Great Britain and Ireland that any club can now adopt them with approval from their District HQ. They include:

Satellite Meetings

These are an extension of an established club which meet at different times and in different places. Any club may open a satellite meeting and extend the representation of Rotary in their area and beyond. The group, which can start with as few as six members, can have a number of uses:

bullet point Allows for one club to provide several meeting times at different locations.
bullet point Accommodates a diverse membership where an established club might not suit them.
bullet point Provides Rotary representation in remote areas and small communities.
bullet point Can assist in the formation of a new club.


E-club meetings are internet based and provide a valuable alternative to the standard Rotary club format. Members of an E-club could be drawn from anywhere in the world and meet solely on line, although there can also be face-to-face meetings between members. Members use email, forums, social networks and services like Skype to continue the good work of Rotary from wherever they are, whenever they can help.

Hybrid E-Clubs

The Hybrid E-Club caters for the busy person who does not have time to spend at weekly meetings but wishes to help others. Typically, the hybrid club has a membership drawn from a fairly limited geographical area close enough for members to meet, say, once a month face-to-face and online in between times. This type of club is ideal for those who cannot spare the time to physically attend regular Rotary meetings and also cuts down on the cost of being a Rotarian.

These are just three among many more new initiatives, so if you'd like to join Rotary but don't like the format of your local club, speak to a Rotarian about it and let us see what we can do to accommodate you.

Rotary for the modern world

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