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Bikes and Wheelchairs for Africa

One of Ruthin Rotary Club's main projects in 2013 was to work with the Wheelchair Foundation to provide wheelchairs for disabled people in Africa. Over £2,600 was raised by the club, which was boosted with a matching grant from Rotary's own Foundation charity, to enable the purchase of a container loaded with 110 wheelchairs, plus spares, to be sent to South Africa and Lesotho. Two of our members have recently visited the area, along with Rotarians from other contributing clubs, to oversee distribution. They saw for themselves the value of this initiative and reported back on the life-changing effect it had on the disabled recipients.

We are currently working with another Rotary backed charity, Bikes for Africa, to supply bicycles for the use of secondary school pupils in Gambia. Local publicity for this initiative led to the donation by the public of 100 unwanted bicycles which were sent to a repair centre before being shipped out to the place of need.

Other recent efforts by our club have included funding the development of school and hospital facilities, and provision of clean water supplies in Uganda and Zambia.