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Aquabox – 600,000 litres of clean, safe drinking water

Aquabox is a robust, blue plastic tank with a family-sized filter unit known as an Aquafilter and is packed with essential welfare items for a disaster situation. Rotary has been involved with Aquabox for nearly twenty-five years and is still a pivotal agent in helping to provide this vital aid in areas experiencing devastation as a result of conflict or other, equally disruptive, events.

Aquaboxes are usually distributed by sea, as this is the most cost effective means of transporting them. However, the truly desperate situation in the Philippines, after the onslaught of the latest typhoon, warranted utilising air freight at a cost of £26,000 to purchase and deliver 100 Community Filters.

Just one Community Filter can produce a minimum of 600,000 litres of clean, safe drinking water, and the timely arrival of an Aquabox can mean the difference between life and death for its recipients.

Where did this all start?

Visionary members of the Wirksworth Rotary Club in Derbyshire, suggested that a strong plastic box that could be used for storage or as a table or a seat, would be a more practical alternative to the plywood boxes they had hitherto been using to dispatch emergency aid into areas suffering the aftermath of disaster. Another member of the group involved in the water purification industry added that with a hole in the side, a tap and purification system, it could be used for purifying polluted water into safe, drinking water. They were onto something: the Aquabox was born.

For more information on the work of Aquabox visit www.aquabox.org