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Forging friendships, supporting communities.

An overview of what Rotary is all about

Every day of every month of every year, someone somewhere will benefit from the support of Rotary, be that at home or overseas. This support manifests itself in many ways, from the dispatch of water purification kits to Lebanon in support of refugees from war-torn Syria, to the recognition of unique talent among school children in Ruthin.

It may be the involvement of community groups and schools in growing flowers to raise vital funds – some of which will fuel the relentless fight to eradicate polio – or to send shelter boxes to areas devastated by natural disasters such as volcano eruptions and landslides. Whatever the cause – and there are many – Rotary doubtless has something to do with it and has the power to influence positive change. There are, after all, over 1.2 million Rotarians from all over the world supporting some 34,000 rotary clubs in 200 countries. It is a unique community of spirit and drive that improves the lives of the less fortunate, or removes some of the obstacles that stand in the way of progress in making the world a better place.

The end of a long day with friends, bringing communities together.

Individual Rotary clubs are managed on a volunteer basis by a president, a secretary and a treasurer, each of whom will have agreed to fulfil the duties of that position for the current Rotary year. The club members become agents of change in a range of committees and sub-committees within their club, which typically includes local community initiatives, international projects, youth programmes, membership issues or public relations. Each year an elected national president represents all the clubs and members across Britain and Ireland, and further to this, a Rotary International president supports Rotary members on a global scope, including those of Britain and Ireland.

Rotary has been a vigorous philosophy since its inception more than 105 years ago, anchored in strong founding principles of friendship and philanthropy. Whilst no one club is the same as any other, with each club as unique as its eclectic mix of members and local environment, the primary factor is that each club, a community in its own right, develops friendship, exploits networking opportunities and brings a broad range of expertise to help plan and execute projects to help those in need.


The outcomes of these endeavours are as rewarding for members as they are for the benefactors. As such, Rotary clubs rely on their membership to bring skills in leadership, organisation, management, and team work. Most of all, they value the dedication of their members, without whom, Rotary would fail. Members meet regularly and have a good time in the process of helping their communities and the wider world. What is even more exciting is that Rotary is for everyone. Never too young to get involved, there is also a strong community of youth clubs for younger Rotary devotees, aged 7-30.